We all need to obey the rules of the road, but especially our police force who have to lead by example.  One such police force is Greater Manchester Police who invested in vehicle weigh pads to make sure they were compliant at all times.

With all the equipment the force is asked to carry in their vehicles these days, you can quite believe that after all has been added there is very little weight limit left to actually carry driver and passengers.  Therefore these weigh pads have proved to be more than critical to their operation.

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TWS were recently approached by a Concrete Frame Contractor looking to monitor loads taken on individual props during the pour to cure process.  Our trial solution was not only accepted, but also resulted in a further order for 40 more units.

Our solution?  Simple…

We would supply a single compression load cell with suitable mount to go under each prop.  Each load cell was carefully matched for output so that the customer could use a single indicator, as requested, and connect to the cells one at a time for an instant readout of the applied load in kilonewtons.  This, in turn, resulted in a huge time and cost saving for our customer.

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Did you know that Total Weighing Solutions retro-fit bespoke weighing scale systems to pallet wrapping machines?

One of the many jobs we do in the weighing industry is to design and install weighing scales onto industrial equipment that wouldn’t normally have this facility.  Pallet Wrapping machines are just one of these examples.  Our engineers can tailor a bespoke system to fit almost anything.

Pallet wrapping machines are a useful tool for any busy warehouse, but how tedious is it to wrap the pallet and then take the pallet to a set of scales to weigh?  Imagine, then, weighing the pallet whilst it’s being wrapped.  Easy!

Save time and money by simply doing two jobs at the same time.  No fuss, no hassle.

How does it work?

We place sensors inside the turntable which send a signal to the display, often mounted in the main control box for the pallet wrapping machine.   When a pallet is placed on the turntable, the weighing indicator shows the actual weight for the pallet and goods.  If you want to know the weight of the goods only, you simply Tare off the weight of the pallet.

The sensors we use are not viewable from the outside of the turntable, are made to industrial specification and are over capacity for the machine they are fitted to, so you can be sure that this important tool will not let you down.

Want to do more than just weigh the pallet?

Our weighing scales are completely modular.  If you want to scan a barcode which populates a product description on a label along with weight information, a logo and date and time, it isn’t a problem.

If you want to monitor all of the weights taken on a machine throughout the day on a PC on the other side of the warehouse, or even on the other side of the world, it isn’t a problem.

Your industry is driven by data, and our tools help to put that data in your hands, quickly and efficiently.

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We pride ourselves on having a large hire stock of weighing scales and calibration weights, ready to be shipped out to customers the moment they need it.

Whether you require a single counting scale for a weekend stock take, or 50 checkweighers for an ongoing requirement, we have the scale to meet your needs.

All our scales and weights are the latest specifications and are calibrated prior to despatch and again on their arrival back at base.

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Hire Counting Scales

Counting Scales are the perfect requirement for any stock take or inventory control.  Easily and quickly count items by either entering in a piece weight using the numeric keypad, or by adding a sample quantity onto the platform before adding the remainder of items.

Typically counting scales have three LCD displays, one for the total weight, one for the item weight and one for the item count.

Hire Platform Scales

Platform scales vary from smaller 300mm x 300mm bases, right up to 2m x 2m pallet scales.

Our platform scales are built to last and can withstand many of the applications typically associated with an industrial sector.

Hire Crane Scales

Crane scales, or load links, are typically used for safety critical purposes and can instantly give you a visual indication of loads being applied to overhead cranes and other lifting equipment.

Hire Calibration Weights

Our calibration weights are traceable to national standards and come in various sizes and denominations depending on your requirement.

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Our hire stock of counting scales ready to be shipped to a customer


As you may already know, TWS can supply a vast range of industrial type weighing scales, but did you know that a lot of our scales are used in the aviation sector?

We have been supplying airport cargo companies with weighing machine solutions for some time now.  Our scales have come to be known as high quality instruments capable of providing up to date weight information around the globe, 24/7.

As well as providing the standard pallet weighing platform scales, we can also supply and fit load cell kits to be installed on ball deck and conveyor machines.

All machines supplied by us can be trade approved when needed, and can also be supplied with a fully customizable label printer.  Perfect for any cargo company.

When weight data is needed to be stored on a network infrastructure, we can fit our weighing equipment with Wi-Fi or network cards which allows for the transmission of the weight information to a central location.

We work hard to bring the best solutions to our customers.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Total Weighing Solutions are pleased to announce a new supplier in the form of Kern-Sohn.

Kern are a well known brand for top quality, German built weighing scales.  Adding their product range only serves to strengthen our desire to supply high end quality weighing equipment to all industries.

Kern have been established since 1844, so certainly have the experience behind them.  With this partnership our ability to supply the perfect scale to our customers will grow in strength.