Stock Taking made Simple with Counting Scales

Stock take -that time of year every employee dreads!  That day out of the year when you need to stop doing your normal work activities and instead count hundreds or thousands of tiny parts for the annual stock take or inventory check.

Imagine then, having a cost-effective tool that will do the counting for you in a fraction of the time it takes to manually count?  Think of the time and money saved!  This is where the counting scale would come in handy.

What is a counting scale?

Quite simply, a counting scale is a scale that counts for you.  Traditionally it has a three display on the front which shows 3 different variables all at the same time, along with a numeric keypad. This would normally be a Gross or Nett weight, an individual part weight or a product count number.

There are exceptions to this.  Some scales have only one display, but they have a counting feature. With this type of scale you would normally switch displays between weight or product count and select from a pre-determined item count.

How do I use a counting scale?

In most scenarios you would follow a simple procedure:-

  • Ensure the scale is turned on and settled at zero
  • Place an empty container onto the scale and press the Tare button
  • Put a small quantity of parts into the container (eg. 10 items)
  • Type in on the numeric keypad the quantity you just added to the container
  • Press the Sample button

At this point the scale will automatically divide the Nett weight number by the quantity you just entered onto the numeric keypad and calculate the average weight of each item, as well as put the item count into the quantity display.

To test, add another item into the container and you will see the quantity number increase on the display, the same as taking a part away will show it decreasing.  At this point you can add all of your remaining parts into the container to see exactly how many parts there are.

As you can see, this short process saves time and therefore money, cutting down the manual counting process and reducing the human error element.

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