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Service and Calibration Contracts are a great way to ensure your scales and weighing equipment are continually maintained and ready to be used throughout the year.  If your company depends on its weighing equipment and you haven’t already got a service contract, here is some information which may be of interest to you.

Scales that are regularly maintained quite simply work better and last longer.  After all, what use is a scale if the results are inaccurate?

Our engineers ensure your weighing equipment is continually working correctly and to within its own parameters.  We here at Total Weighing Solutions offer our customers both 6-monthly and annual service and calibration contracts where required.  This is a must have if your scales are mission critical.

For a fixed price, our engineers will attend site and perform a range of duties to ensure your scales are ready to be used whenever needed.

Some of the duties completed will be:-

  • Visual Inspection – One of the first things, we here at TWS, check for is for any physical defects.  Is the scale connected properly and free of any damage which would stop the scale from performing correctly and from being safe?  Even more so if the scale works overhead (for instance a crane scale), a physical inspection for defects is a must.  The last thing any company wants to deal with is a load being dropped onto someone from a great height. Did you know we are one of the few scale companies in the UK able to provide LOLER certificates for lifting equipment?
  • Consistent Results – An important requirement for any scale is it’s linearity and repeatability.  A good scale should go to the same reading each time the same load is applied.  If you take away half the load, then the reading should also go down by half.  The same applies for doubling the load.  This should be the same throughout the range of the scale and often proves the scale is working well. Anything other than this and the scale may require some work which we will advise on when found.
  • Accuracy of Results – The next thing to check is are the results accurate.  When you apply certified test weights to the scale, does the weight indicator show the same as that applied?  All scales, no matter what class of accuracy, will have a tolerance to work to.  This is normally a percentage of the full scale, or capacity, value. Our engineers carry with them a vast library of calibration instructions for many different manufacturers, so should the scale not fall within it’s own parameters, we can re-calibrate it and bring it back into tolerance.
  • Calibration Certificate – Once all tests have been performed and accuracy is assured, a calibration certificate is issued detailing the tests performed and the results.

When you have a service contract with TWS, we guarantee to you that we will perform all of the above tasks at your site at your convenience.  Anything that falls outside of these duties, for instance parts that are required to repair a scale, we offer at a 10% discount to our loyal customers.

If you would like a quotation for your scale service or calibration requirements, please do not hesitate to phone us at 01327 368020 or by emailing service@totalweighing.co.uk .